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Walking Frames

Walking Frame with Wheels

Product Code #WALKFRW

Rigid with a lightweight aluminium frame to help you get around easily.

Rigid with a lightweight aluminium frame to help you get around easily.

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This Walking Frame with Wheels has a lightweight aluminium frame for ease of use.

The rigid frame provides a sturdy base which will help with balance and stability in several situations. It works by redistributing weight from the legs which then reduces leg pain.

Rubber ferrules on the front two legs will prevent the frame from slipping, and the 5” wheels on the back allow you to move across different surfaces with little or no help.

The width of the frame is 57 cm wide which means it can fit through most narrow hallways and door frames. The handgrips are made using a comfortable PVC material which helps spread pressure across the hands.

This Walking Frame with Wheels is extremely lightweight, allowing it to be moved from place-to-place with ease. There are three different sizes to choose from which range from a height of 68 – 99 cm.

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