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Wren 2 (transit)
Wren 2 (self propelled)Wren 2 (transit)
TypeTransit / Self Propel
Width (seat)16", 18", 20"
Weight (max user)115kg (18 stone)
Weight13kg (transit) / 14.6kg (self propel)

Karma Wren 2

Product Code #KWREN2

The Wren 2 is a great value wheelchair many different features. It is made using from lightweight aluminium which makes it easy to transport.

The Wren 2 is a great value wheelchair many different features. It is made using from lightweight aluminium which makes it easy to transport.

Prices starting from £285 with VAT ReliefVAT Relief is available for this product.(£342 inc VAT.)

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The Wren 2 is an extremely versatile wheelchair which is available as a transit or self-propelled version. As expected from a Karma wheelchair, the frame is made from a robust but lightweight aluminium. This chair is fully adjustable, so you’ll be able to find the position that’s most comfortable.

The flip back armrests and swing away footrests create more space within the chair which helps to make things easier when transferring to and from the wheelchair. An ergonomically designed armrest provides a smooth, comfortable place to rest your arms and propel the wheelchair.

Features such as the progressive slowing brakes allow the wheelchair to stop gradually when used on hills or slopes. The seat is available in 16”, 17”, 18”, and 20” widths.

On the self-propelled version of this wheelchair, the seat to ground height can be adjusted from 19” down to 16.5”. The lowest seat to ground height allows the user to propel the wheelchair with their feet.

The black upholstery used on the Wren 2 is flame retardant and the high-quality materials will give you many years of trouble-free use with only basic maintenance and regular checks required.

*Please note that the above price is for a standard model.

Karma Dove
  • Lightweight aluminium frame 
  • Slowing brake 
  • Puncture proof tyres 
  • 14" or 16" seat widths 
Karma Ergo Live
  • S-Ergo seating system 
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Quick release wheels
  • Max user weight of 18 stone (115 kg)
Karma Ergo125
  • Flip-back armrests 
  • S-shaped seating system 
  • Swing-away footrest 
  • Max user weight 18 stone (115 kg)
Karma Flexx
  • lightweight aluminium frame 
  • Adjustable backrest 
  • Self-propel or transit available
  • Fully crash tested 
Karma Martin (HD)
  • Lightweight aluminium frame 
  • Puncture proof tyres 
  • Adjustable backrest 
  • Max user weight of 25 stone (160 kg)
Karma Robin
  • 16" or 18" seat widths 
  • Lightweight design 12.3 kg (27 lbs)
  • Puncture proof tyres 
  • Rear anti-tip wheels
Karma Ergo Lite 2
  • Detachable footrest hangers 
  • S-Ergo seating system 
  • Folding frame 
  • Durable upholstery
Karma Ergo115
  • Patented ‘S’ shaped seating
  • Quick release rear wheels
  • Suitable for easy storage 
  • Max user weight 18 stone (115 kg)
Karma Sparrow
  • S-Ergo system provides pressure relief 
  • Detachable footrest hangers 
  • Folding frame 
  • Puncture proof tyres 
Karma Ergo Lite
  • S-Ergo seating system 
  • Folding backrest 
  • AEGIS microbe upholstery 
  • Weighs just 8.3 kg (18 lbs)
Drive Ultra Lightweight
  • Aluminium frame
  • Swing-out footrests 
  • Desk style armrests 
  • Max user weight of 18 stone (115kg)

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