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Weight (max user)25 stone (158.75 kg)
Weight (battery)14.79 kg (32.5 lbs)
Speed8 mph (12.87 km/h)
Clearance5.7 cm (2.25")
Length119.4 cm (47")
Width65.7 cm (25.9")
Turning Radius133.35 cm (52.5")
Weight (without battery)68 kg

Colt Sport

Product Code #COLTS

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Although the Colt Sport is an 8mph mobility scooter, it still falls within the mid-sized category. The maximum user weight is 25 stone and the potential travel distance is over 20 miles on a full charge.

For added comfort, the Captain’s Seat has lift-up armrests, a reclining high-back with sliders, and adjustable headrest. It can also be swivelled to allow for easy transfer on and off the scooter. The suspension on the front and rear helps to absorb any bumps from uneven road and pavements.

The Delta Tiller includes an ergonomic wraparound, aiding left or right-handed operation. It also provides a place for you rest your arms and wrists if needed. It comes with a full lighting package that includes automatic brake lights, headlights, and indicators. All this will ensure that you can see and be seen in darker conditions.

As a mid-sized scooter, you’ll find the Colt Sport easy to store in a shed, garage, or hallway. It also takes up less space on the pavement if you decide to switch down to a slower speed setting.

Stylish design and top-range features make the Colt Sport an excellent choice for those who want a compact road class scooter with no fuss. Available in red and blue.

Colt Deluxe
  • Front & rear suspension 
  • LED kerb light 
  • Dismantle for transportation 
  • Maximum user weight of 28 stone 
Vecta Sport
  • Range of up to 27 miles 
  • Max user weight of 160 kg
  • USB charging port 
  • Available in two colours 
Riviera 700
  • Front & rear suspension 
  • Anti-tip wheels
  • Seat belt  
  • Maximum user weight of up to 29 stone
TGA Breeze S3
  • Energy saving LED lights
  • Lockable rear box
  • Excellent ground clearance 
  • Maximum user weight of up to 31 stone (200 kg)
TGA Mystere
  • Aluminium wheels & pneumatic tyres 
  • Simple to dismantle 
  • Clear digital display 
  • Maximum user weight of up to 28 stone (179 kg)
TGA Supersport
  • Anti-tip wheels for added safety 
  • Large rear basket for storage 
  • Clear battery display indicator 
  • Maximum user weight of up to 31 stone (200 kg)
Riviera 500
  • Anti-tip wheels
  • Front & rear bumper
  • Seat Belt 
  • Maximum user weight up to 25 stone
Kymco Agility
  • Waterproof LCD Dashboard
  • Oil-dampened suspension
  • 12" alloy wheels
  • Max user weight of  26 stone (165 kg)
Kymco Maxer
  • Delta handlebars 
  • LED front & rear lighting 
  • Sporty pneumatic tyres 
  • Max user weight of 31 stone (200 kg)
Kymco Maxi XLS
  • Front & rear bumpers 
  • 4" ground clearance 
  • Simple to use control panel 
  • Max user weight of 25 stone (160 kg)
Kymco Super 8
  • High ground clearance 
  • Storage in front basket 
  • High/low speed
  • Max user weight of 20 stone (127 kg)
Cabin Car
  • Fully enclosed for all weather 
  • Max user weight of up to 28 stone 
  • Bright LED lights 
  • Twin USB ports to keep devices charged 
Vita Sport
  • Suspension with mono-shock absorber
  • Fully adjustable rotating seat
  • LED light on the front & rear
  • Max user weight of 25 stone (159 kg)
Breeze S4
  • Fully adjustable and rotating seat 
  • LED lights 
  • Sturdy and safe 
  • Plenty of storage 

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