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Best Boot Scooters for 2018

The warmer weather seems to be a distant promise at the beginning of February. However, a decent portable mobility scooter is an excellent addition, whatever the weather, for people with limited mobility. It's great to be able to quickly fold or dismantle a scooter ready for transportation. That way, you can explore new places in style.

At our showrooms in Waterlooville and Torquay, we sell a wide range of wheelchairs, powerchairs, and mobility scooters throughout the year. I had a chat with Marcus and Sarah in the showroom and asked the question "Which boot scooters were most popular in 2017?"

From their response, I deduced that there were 3 "stand out" mobility scooters which are likely to be popular throughout 2018. Below is some information on the SupaScoota, Di Blasi R30, and the i3 mobility scooter.


The SupaScoota has "attitude" compared to a standard portable mobility scooter. It offers so much more! The colours are vibrant and there's a model to suit most people's requirements. They all come equipped with electronic stability control; this automatically slows the scooter down when turning a corner. So, if you accidentally come across a sharp turn, or are going a little bit too fast you can be rest assured that this safety feature will kick in.

With the SupaScoota range, you have a choice of which battery to use; a SLA or Lithium Battery. What's more, you can move between the battery types or plug a spare in quickly and easily. The option of a spare battery will really suit those of you who wish to go on longer trips.

The SupaScoota can fit in most car boot spaces. It has been designed to be dismantled in sections, it all depends on what you feel comfortable lifting. It may be comfortable for you to lift with only the seat off, or you might want to take the back end off - the choice is yours!

There are six variations of the SupaScoota which are called the Sprite, Shopper, Sprint, Sport, Sport XL, and the Spartan.

Click here for more information on the SupaScoota range.

Di Blasi R30

The Di Blasi family have been designing and manufacturing folding vehicles since 1974. Their portfolio of products includes mopeds, tricycles, bicycles, and of course - folding mobility scooters. This portable scooter automatically folds into a cube the size of a suitcase. It also has an integrated handle which gives you the option to pull it along like a suitcase. To make things even lighter, the Di Blasi R30 runs off a lithium battery which is quick to release and easy to charge.

And, the best part? It folds in under 10 seconds with a press of a button. That means you won't need to dismantle any sections of the scooter. Due to the quick folding mechanism, the Di Blasi R30 is great to use on most forms of public transport including train, plane, coach, and cruise ship.

The Di Blasi R30 is vibrant and modern. It has an excellent ground clearance and large wheels. This helps to provide a stable ride on different terrains.

Click here for more information on the Di Blasi R30.

i3 Mobility Scooter

The i3 is a lightweight boot scooter which can be folded using only one hand. This is a relatively new addition to the market, but one which has been extremely popular. It’s a versatile scooter that can be used in many different scenarios – whether that’s in the local area, day trips, or holidays abroad.

Folding or unfolding the i3 is simple due to the patented two-step system. This can be activated with ease – using only one hand. Simply fold the backrest and pull up from the floorboard of the scooter. The folding mechanism works seamlessly, which means you don’t really have to put much effort in at all.

As with most boot scooters, the i3 runs off a lithium battery which will provide a travel distance of up to 10 miles. If you’re the adventurous type who requires more mileage, then an optional second battery can be added. To change between batteries, just flick a switch. For added security, the battery compartment can only be opened with a key.

Other features include a USB port which will enable you to charge your devices on the go. There’s also a handy storage compartment in the floorboard.

Click here for more information on the i3 mobility scooter.

What should I do now?

In this blog, we've given you a glimpse into what we think are going to be the bestselling mobility scooters in 2018. When you're in the market for a lightweight mobility scooter it needs to perform in three key areas: portability, manoeuvrability, and comfort.

At Cavendish, we believe that you should feel 100% confident in your chosen mobility equipment. That's why we recommend that you try any mobility scooter before you buy it.

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