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Leg Lifter Aid
Length86.4 cm (864 mm)
Weight87g (3 oz)

Leg Lifter Aid

Product Code #VM949

This handy personal aid enables the leg to be lifted on or off a wheelchair or bed by pulling the handle loop.

This handy personal aid enables the leg to be lifted on or off a wheelchair or bed by pulling the handle loop.

£9.50 with VAT ReliefVAT Relief is available for this product.

£11.40 inc VAT

The Leg Lifter is a personal aid to help lift your legs on or off a bed, wheelchair, or when using a footstool. Simply position your leg in the foot loop and pull the strap with your hands.

This product would be very useful for those who have a stiff or immobile leg. It can even be used for everyday tasks such as dressing.

The upper loop fits around the hand or wrist. You'll find the lower loop is slightly stiffened which is to give maximum control when lifting the leg.

For an experience which is superb, caring and truly professional, then look no further.

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